Anna University | Naalaiya Thiran Program Enrolment

As per Anna University circular, as a part of the Naalaiya Tiran Program, Anna University is offering an EEC category MANDATORY course “HX 8001 PROFESSIONAL READINESS FOR INNOVATION, EMPLOYABILITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP” with 3 credits (as an extended 4-5 months Hackathon) to all the 6th semester students (of B.E. CSE, B.Tech. IT, and B.E. ECE). They will earn the credits in the 7th semester on completion of this course. This course is offered online by IBM. Students are requested to enrol in this online course – Click Here to download more details & Click Here to share with your classmates. Thank You.

Source: Anna University

Notice to Students: 20X Enrollment

Enrollment for the 20X Programming Bundle that comes with 18 Programming & 2 Placement Preparation courses is live now. Interested students can enroll before the time ends – Click Here to Enroll. Thank You.

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