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Notice: EduPrep, one of the largest online learning platform, has launched three great certification courses for students. All these courses come with lifetime access, industry-recognized certificates, and 24/7 doubt-clarification support. Enroll and stay ahead in your career race by upgrading your skills!

1. 20X Programming Bundle: Tailored for both beginners and experts, this comprehensive package covers 20 Programming & Placement courses, including complete Website and App development & more. These offerings facilitate your journey in coding & placements.

– Self-paced learning | Over 8,000 students have already enrolled.
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2. Full Stack Web Development: Dive into the world of web development and acquire in-depth knowledge at your convenience.

– Self-paced learning | Over 13,000 students are already participating.
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3. AutoCAD: Beginner to Advanced: Embark on a dynamic learning journey with AutoCAD, starting from fundamental concepts to advanced applications. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, designer, or hobbyist, this course is designed for you.

– Self-paced learning | Over 16,000 students have engaged.
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With Eduprep, students have the opportunity to explore various fields such as designing, coding and more, all at their own pace. We invite you to join this community of learners to enhance your skills and knowledge!


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